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PayVX is the world’s simplest, fastest and most secure payment technology. The provided crypto-currency escrow service builds a secure bridge and creates a trust relationship between both parties for online business transactions. As crypto-currency transactions are irreversible, dealing with untrusted parties constitutes serious degree of risk for both buyers and sellers. PayVX effectively secures this process, ensuring confidence and trust for processing those operations.
PVX tokens are ERC-20 compliant tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain.
The PVX Token is not a Security Token since it is clearly stated within our White Paper that the Token is intended to be used via the PayVX Platform, thus it’s not an investment and neither does it provide any form of promises of future performance.The plan of the distribution clearly indicates that the PayVX token will support the PayVX ecosystem since it will be used for transactions within the PayVX platform. PayVX invites people who intend to acquire PVX Tokens to utilize the Token solely for personal use, thus should not be treated as securities.Comments made within the PayVX whitepaper invite the buyer/contributor to purchase PVX Tokens motivated by a desire to use the PVX token within the Platform. The PayVX Whitepaper invites participants (Coin Holders) to join the PayVX movement and not to invest in a project with the intention of making money.PayVX will establish a jurisdiction by incorporating a Company prior the Pre-ICO to avoid several jurisdictions to be able to apply their law in regard to the security test.PVX Tokens do not represent shares of the PayVX Company or ownership of an entity.
Our Pre-Sale will start on March 20th, 2018 and will end April 20th, 2018. Our ICO will start on May 1, 2018 and will end July 4, 2018.
Register to our website, in the dashboard section press buy coin tab and follow the instruction. You can purchase PVX tokens with ETH, BTC or LTC.

In total, 1,000,000,000 PVX tokens will be made available. Please see below for the distribution list.

800,000,000 80% Pre ICO / ICO Total
100,000,000 10% Management
40,000,000 4% Bounty/Referrals
60,000,000 6% Bonuses
1,000,000,000 100% Total

Token holders can easily store and manage their PVX using existing Ethereum clients, including the official Ethereum wallet, Mist,

The following wallets are compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard):

  • MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
  • MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)
  • Mist (Desktop)
  • Parity (Desktop)
  • imToken (iPhone)
  • imToken (Android)

Do not use exchange addresses, since you will not be able to receive your PVX Tokens.

We accept ETH, BTC and LTC for token purchase.

Presale ICO and ICO minimum:

BTC 0.005
ETH 0.05
LTC 0.25
All unsold tokens will be burned at the end of the ICO.
As you can see from our Roadmap, this will happen after the ICO ends and audit and distribution stage. Our token will only be listed in the highly valued and popular exchanges. Announcements will be made in due time.
The PVX tokens can be privately traded after having been distributed at the end of the ICO. PVX tokens will also be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges at which point you can buy additional tokens or sell the ones you have. PVX tokens can also be used for services within the PayVX network. Additional information regarding the usage of the PVX Tokens within the PayVX ecosystem can be found in our Whitepaper.
Other than the value of the tokens themselves, PayVX will invest heavily on realising its goals and follow its Roadmap. This will have the effect of boosting our value. PayVX will also make money from some of the services that the network will be offering such as but not limited to escrow services.
Presale and ICO Contributors will receive their PVX tokens after the ICO.